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Brian Tracy

Time Management and Work Performance Seminars by Brian Tracy
Live One-Day
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Brian Tracy Live!

Are you looking to double your productivity and increase sales?

Is maximizing achievement, bettering your relationship
selling strategies, and gathering new business important to you?

Would you like to understand the reasons for procrastination, and how to avoid those time-wasters that keep us from performing at our best?  And, discover time management strategies that last?

Do you want to double, triple or even quadruple your income in the next 12 months?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these important questions, call or register here, to learn exactly how to get more out of your business, from America's leading authority on peak performance and sales effectiveness, Brian Tracy. In the upcoming Brian Tracy Seminar you will learn:

  • Prospecting Power – How to get glowing referrals and better appointments

  • How to develop MEGA-CREDIBILITY with your clients

  • Relationship selling skills

  • How and why buyers buy

  • Closing the sale – especially when conventional strategies don’t work

  • Asking your way to success

  • Influencing customer behavior like a pro

  • Overcoming areas of concern – every time, all the time

  • Building customer relationships that last

  • Overcoming price resistance, holding gross, increasing gross, selling against discount competition, and selling in a down market

  • How to sell different people, differently

  • Negotiating strategies that work

  • How to keep customers for life

  • Time management strategies of champions

Brian Tracy is the founder and Chairman of Brian Tracy International. Over the past 20 years he has delivered over 2,000 seminars, and has worked with more than 500 companies worldwide to implement the techniques and strategies you’ll learn at his upcoming dynamic event in your area. Come, and learn a plan for action that has worked for hundreds of thousands in sales.
Please listen to Brian’s brief sound clip:

"Thank you for your highly inspirational seminar. Our sales people left your presentation 'sky high' and they have been translating your great inspirations and material content into sales ever since. As a result, April and May were the two greatest months in our history. We were 22% over a year ago and 108% of projections."

Ed Taussig, Vice President, Allstate Legal Supply Co.

If you are feeling the pinch from what some consider an increasingly difficult economy, then you need to be better, faster and smarter than the competition.  Now more than ever potential clientele must be dealt with professionally.  Every possible sale counts don’t let the competition count your sale toward their totals. 

The Brian Tracy seminars reveal how you can accomplish far more than you have ever dreamt possible. These exciting events are dynamic and fast-paced, full of great stories, examples, humor and concrete, practical ideas that get stunning results - fast. You will leave motivated, inspired and eager to get back to work.

Maximize your business potential. Hundreds of thousands of managers and sales professionals like yourself have benefited enormously from these training seminars, and so can you! These seminars are designed for managers, VP’s of Sales, VP’s of Marketing, Business Development Managers and CEO’s seeking to maximize profits and productivity and enjoy unlimited success. The sales secrets presented in the seminars will give you the muscle you need to achieve breakthrough success, whether your company is large or small.

"Let me share a few comments about your presentation for the evaluations: 'Very Motivational!,' 'One of the best I've ever heard!,' 'He offered some very thought provoking ideas. Seemed very practical in any job. Very positive and upbeat.' "

Mark Schaughnessy, Senior V.P., Marketing Blue Shield

Here are just some of the topics covered
in the Brian Tracy Live Seminars:

Outsell Your Competition – Learn the most contemporary market trends and practical, proven actions that will land you more appointments and more sales quickly and easily. You’ll be ahead of the competition at every turn of the market.

Be a Leader for the 21st Century – Learn proven strategies you can use immediately to excel in every aspect of your business: time management and work productivity techniques, proven communication strategies, and skills for building peak performance teams.

Recognize Future Trends in Business and Management – Learn current business research results, current information on trends affecting the economy and shaping your markets, and the skills to recognize change before it happens, respond quickly and effectively, eliminate fear and totally outthink the competition in every area.

Perform At Your Best – Learn the best ideas for success ever discovered. You’ll get motivated and stay motivated with a fast-moving series of methods, ideas and techniques you can apply in every area of life and work. Learn the keys to personal effectiveness, maximum achievement and unlimited success in your field.

Double Your Productivity, Achieve Your Goals – Learn how to master your time with a series of practical, proven ideas that work for everyone! Set goals and priorities, focus and concentrate, eliminate procrastination, get going on your key tasks and get more done in less time than ever before. Brian Tracy’s How to Master Your Time is the best-selling time management and work productivity program in the world!

Be a High-Performance Leader – This customizable talk can be designed to include a series of practical ideas and concepts that are exactly what you need for your organization and your managers. You can choose from setting personal and corporate strategy through to managerial effectiveness and building winning teams.

"Personal Success and Brian Tracy are synonymous. Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian. He makes the case clearly and then proves it in his own remarkable life. If he recommends it, do it. He knows what he's talking about."

Jim Cathcart, The Acron Principle

Up and Coming Brian Tracy Seminars

Brian Tracy Seminars and Time Management and Work Performance Training Seminars

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To order tickets, or to schedule one of our National Sales Trainers, personally coached by Brian Tracy, or to have Brian Tracy speak at your private corporate event, email or submit the form below:

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Call today. These live one day seminars will sell out quickly. We will never sell or share your personal information outside of Peak Seminars. Once you've submitted the form, you will be contacted. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming seminar!

P. S. Call now! - Thousands of people just like you are already celebrating the acclaim they’ve achieved through the Brian Tracy seminars - people like Ken Blanchard, Author of “The One Minute Manager”, Indira Kleen, Dir. of Member Services, RE/MAX, Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and Lee Iaococca - Retired Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation, ALL graduates of the Brian Tracy seminars.

P. P. S. Fill out the form! - The Brian Tracy seminar fee is a small investment compared to a lifetime of proven, unlimited personal success. At the Brian Tracy seminars you will learn how simple and easy it is to live the life you want to live!

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